Work Placement – Support For Host Employers

Work Placement – Support For Host Employers

Download a ZIP archive containing all the files for the Work Placement – Support For Host Employers.


To assist employers in hosting students for work placement, this support kit contains a number of key documents as well as detailed resources to support the tasks that students can complete during their time in the workplace.

(I) Key Docs

  • The Employer Support Kit – useful information to assist you to host a successful work placement and protect client confidentiality.
  • Sample Tasks Summary – a list of the tasks and guidance about their level of difficulty.
  • Workplace Learning Guide for Employers and Additional Information for Employers – general guidelines for hosting work placements.
  • Employment Related Skills – information on the employability skills commonly expected in the Financial Services Industry.
  • Advice for Work Placement Service Providers.

(II) Resources

Tasks included in the Support Kit are classified according to the estimated time for completion and level of guidance which may be required. (Refer to the Sample Tasks Summary for more information).