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Work Placement Coordination Program


About go2workplacement

Go2workplacement is an online program which assists students enrolled in HSC VET courses to get the most out of their work placement by identifying the skills and competencies they want to focus on during their time in the workplace.

Students must complete a mandatory module comprising Work Health and Safety, Personal Attributes, and Employment Related Skills and the Industry Competency to qualify for a Work Placement Ready Certificate. The Certificate informs a host employer that they have prepared for work placement and outlines the areas they want to explore during their placement.

Who is it for?

Go2workplacement is for students enrolled in HSC ICF VET courses in NSW which have a mandatory work placement. It can be completed as part of class work or in your own time.

For teachers, Go2workplacement complements existing school based, work ready activities so that students get the maximum benefit from their time in the workplace.
The program also assists teachers and work placement service providers to identify when students are ready for their work placement.

Getting started

Students and teachers will need to register the first time that they visit the site.
To register you must have a valid email address.
We recommend the use of headphones for go2workplacement.


To register a new account

  1. Go to http://www.go2workplacement.com/auth/register
  2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, email and school
  3. On the next screen, you will create a password for your account
  4. You will be automatically logged into your new account.

Register a new account

To log in to your account & search for courses

  1. Go to http://www.go2workplacement.com
  2. Enter your email in the username field and your password to login
  3. Click on the "Browse Learning" link
  4. Select and complete the Mandatory Items Unit. Once completed you can choose your Industry area from the Browse Learning
  5. All Modules are to be 100% completed before a Work Placement Ready Certificate can be issued.

Log in now at http://www.go2workplacement.com

Contact support@workplacement.nsw.edu.au for further assistance
or click here to use the online contact form.